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Creating a Tournament

1. You will first need to learn how Saving, Storing and Showing Live Games Online works and have uploaded a game using our Roller Derby Scoreboard.

2. You can then login to and click under the games tab of the management portal. There you will see "Create Tournament".

3. Click and open that page as shown above. Fill out the information including the name of the tournament, the start and end dates and private password only coordinators would know. These passwords don't need to be very strict, as it will be used to add games to the tournament later on.

4. Click the Add Tournament button. You will then be brought to the tournament page, where you can see the information you just filled out. Along with the games attached to that tournament at this time.

5. You can then start adding games to your tournament by going to the post game page within the site. From there, you can select the tournament the game is a part of and select it from the drop down and enter the password you used.

6. Make sure to save the changes, and now you can go back to the tournament page, and view the tournament for what the fans, family and friends see. The page shows the tournament name, start and end times along with the games and players within the tournament.

Last updated: 6 years ago

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