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Brackets, Rankings and Seeding

RDNation allows you to seed the tournaments for ranking purposes as well as draw brackets and calculate standings automatically with each win and loss.

To get started you want to select a tournament type if you feel all the teams have a level performance and playing field. If you want to preseed with a round robin tournament before the actual tournament, RDNation allows for that too.

Seeding a Tournament for Performance Rounds

Through the Tournament pages of RDNation, we allow you to seed the tournament with both ratings and pretournament performance rounds in order to find each teams rating.

In order to select and execute the performance rounds, you need to select a "Seeding Performance Type". For most tournaments, you will use the "Round Robin" Type and depending on the size, you can select to play "Round Robin Pool Play" When selected, the Performance rounds will run first. Once completed, the tournament will automatically switch over to the secondary actual tournament type while still displaying seeding rounds from the performance rounds.

Last updated: 6 years ago

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