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Notification Settings

So, if all boxes on that page are checked, you will receive email notifications:

  • When someone posts something AND clicks the "broadcast" option.

If you check that the first check box ("Turns On League Email Notifications"), it will turn on notifications such as dues and events.

  • 1 when someone posts something and clicks the "broadcast" option.
  • 2 when someone posts something and *doesn't* click the "broadcast" option.
  • 3 once per week, in the form of a "forum report".

All the check boxes below the purple line are to SUPPRESS or TURN ON notifications. They come in three types:

  • "Broadcast" boxes turn on type 1 (above) email notifications.
  • "New Post" boxes turn on type 2 (above) email notifications.
  • The "Weekly Roundup" box turns on type 3 (above) email notifications.

Last updated: 2 years ago

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