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Processor Fees

We ask each league setup a payment processor with RDNation.

Processor Fees

PayPal’s Privacy policy requires that we initiate payments as one entity to another. The selection of “Friends and Family” does not work for one person to a Team or League entity. It goes against PayPal’s policy and therefore, the processing fees must be charged to align with PayPal Policies.

Both payment processors require small fees and there is nothing we can do to get around those fees as a company. It keeps them creating great content and allows the Roller Derby Community to use their fantastic services.

2.9% + .80¢ is the cost of doing business with these payment processors. So for each dues item collected, there is a fee required. We tack on this fee when a dues item is paid.

For Example:

If your dues fee is $45.00. The charge for the entire transaction will be (45.00 + .80¢) * 1.029 = $47.12

Last updated: 6 years ago

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