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Paywalls by RDNation are used to lock parts of the site down to only paying customers. So users will have to pay you in order to access parts of RDNation.

In order to add a paywall to RDNation, you will find the paywalls option under the games tab when logged in. You can create paywalls there. You will be asked to first create a merchant account with RDNation as well as attaching two payment processors.


You can set any price you want. We offer a daily price and timespan price. So let’s say an event spans 6 days. There is one price for the entire 6 days. As well if someone just wants to buy the paywall for one day only, they can pay just the daily price.

For paywalls, RDNation takes 10% + 30¢ of each payment from a customer. This percentage both pays for the payment processor and for handling the streaming of the games online.

Streaming Live Video

When putting a game online with Thor’s Hammer, we give you the option to publish that game online. Under the publishing screen, you have the ability to embed video from another source. Paywalls can be created to lock down those sources to just paying customers.

So in reality, you can have customers actually pay for live streaming of Roller Derby Games online.

Last updated: 6 years ago

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